Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Season Finale and Review

Bloggers, Reporters and Journalists didn’t need much encouragement to use puns such as “close shave” or “smooth run” during the seaon-finale in Brazil despite the event being the anti-climax it was destined to be after the WDC and WCC were decided several races ago. 
Vettel started on pole after breaking Nigel Mansell’s record of most poles in a season on the penultimate session of the season. Though many were quick to point out that he was still trailing Mansell’s record in terms of % poles per races. Hamilton qualified 4th and was beside his team-mate on the grid.

Brazil GP (photo via @F1PaddockPass)

Button lost ground at the start of the race on Sunday, and was soon overtaken by Alonso. He then struggled to keep up with the Ferrari. Vettel was told he had a gearbox problem and had to “short-shift” for the rest of the race. He continued to drive as normal, pulling out a gap on other drivers until he slowed down enough for his team-mate Webber to overtake him. 
Conspiracy theorists then inferred that his gearbox problem was “manufactured” to hand his team-mate the win. Several other drivers suffered gear-box problems; Hamilton had to retire mid way through the race, after a  season he will be in a hurry to forget. 

Eventually the race ended with Webber claiming his first win this season (albeit a hollow victory), Vettel 2nd and Button 3rd having overtaken Alonso on lap 62.

All in all, for me it was an uneventful boring season. Almost takes one back to the Schumacher-dominated years. Although I must admit I wasn’t a F1 fan then, and I certainly wouldn’t have become one during the Schumacher/Ferrari-monopolised years. Here's hoping for a more exciting season next year.

Now for the individual Drivers' Review: 5 Rookies, 3 "Re-entries", 5 World Champions, 3 Multiple WDCs; How was their 2011 season  – from fans’ perceptive. 

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