Patterns & 'Analysis' (2011)

We all know F1 is the sort of sport that accomodates a wide spectrum of followers from casual viewers, drivers' fans, seasoned fanatics to statistics geeks. So it is no suprise that each of these groups come up with their predictions of race or Championship winners. This page contains predictions for the season; races and the Championship.

1) Since 2007, the first driver to congratulate the new WDC in parc femme that wasn't a teammate, went on to win the title the following year.
2007: Lewis Hamilton was the first (non teammate) driver to congratulate Kimi. He went on to win the WDC in 2008
2008: Jenson Button was the first (non teammate) driver to congratulate Lewis Hamilton, he too won the next year
2009: This year, you were about to become the first (non teammate) to congratulate Jenson Button but he dodged your embrace & so 'the title didn't pass on'
2010: As Lewis Hamilton was the first driver to congratulate Vettel in Abu Dhabi parc femme -  does that mean he will win in 2011?
Pattern Broken: After the Singapore Grand Prix, Button and Vettel are the only two drivers with a chance to win the 2011 WDC.

From @duskyBlogF1
2) Lewis Hamilton has won the Hungarian Grand Prix in odd-numbered years since his debut: i.e. 2007 & 2009. Will it be a hat-trick in 2011 this weekend?
Pattern Broken: Lewis's team-mate Jenson Button won the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis came 4th.
3) A German won the SpanishGP, a Spanish won the BritishGP and to complete the circle a British won the GermanGP

4) Mark Webber finished 5th in Australian GP, 4th in Malaysian GP, 3rd in Chinese GP, 2nd in Turkish GP. It follows that he will cross the line 1st at the SpanishGP, just like 2010?
Pattern Broken: Vettel won the Spanish GP

********** 2012 PREDICTIONS PREVIEW **********
From @duskyBlogF1
5) Lewis won his first WDC in 2008, an Olympic year. Will he win in 2012; the year of the London Olympics?

From @goFeret
6) Drivers with cars numbered 4, 7, 9 have never won the WDC because these were positions usually held by 'Number 2' drivers.