Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alternative Definitions in F1

In preparation for the lull in the F1 season, I have decided to create ‘An Alternative F1 Dictionary’ inspired by a game on my favourite BBC Radio comedy show ‘I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue' (ISIHAC). The game is often called the 'Uxbridge English Dictionary', Twitter hashtag #ued.

"Yes, I said 'Destroy' but I meant it in a nice way"
Just a bit of information for those who don’t know about this game; you take an English word and find a different humorous definition for it, based on its pronounciation. Examples can be found on this ISIHAC fan site and this one, and a small sample is provided here:

GHOULISH (n): A little bit Goulash
CIRCUMSPECT (n): Point of view of a Rabbi
FLATULENCE (n): An emergency vehicle that picks you up after you’ve been run over by a steam-roller
CELIBATE (n): A Virgin fish
WALLABY (n): Someone aspiring to be a kangaroo
DENTIST (n): Guy who fixes your car

So this got me thinking about an "Alternative F1 Dictionary" and if you would like to submit words used in F1 (or Driving in general), which can be defined in a different way.

General rules:
  • It must be an English word related to F1 or Driving
  • Its definition may or may not be related to F1 or Driving
  • The new definition must be humorous and non-offensive
  • Where possible, include links or videos to quotes or a possible use of the word in a sentence 
      We have about 5 months before the start of next season, so please send in as many words as you wish. The best will be selected and will appear on my blog and reTweeted if the author is on Twitter. Post them as comments on this page or use hashtag #aF1D so I can find your entries on Twitter.

      Example of F1/Driving Alternative Definitions are:

      TARMAC (n): Scottish Gratitude
      HYDRAULICS (n): To conceal the things that you rest your oars in
      PISTON (n): Humiliated
      INTERCONTINENTAL (n): One who has wet themselves all over the world

      First entry is from @andrewdobbUK: DESTROY (v) - to like and get close to
      A good one from @angryshopMan: RACIST- someone who hates racing
      One from me @duskyblogF1: MANOEUVRE (v) 
      Another from @elenaF1: WHEELNUT (n)
      Smelly one from @duskyblogF1: PITSTOP (n)
      Drag Reduction System: removing dresses and make-up from drivers' luggage
      Pole Position - wherever Robert Kubica is 
      CROFTY - a cunning attempt to imitate 'Tomb Raider'
      Alguersuari - what Sean Connery would call a party for algae
      Qualifying - what F1 bosses do when they think they've said something they shouldn't.
      Q1/Q2/Q3 - where you wait at airports for check-in, baggage checking and the airport gate respectively.
      Overtaking (1) - when out of a whole group, one person ate all the pies.
      Overtaking (2) - default state of powerful money-orientated people.
      Rev Limiter: A bouncer at the local church (by @duskyBlogF1) 
      Drive Through - what Massa does to Hamilton and vice-versa (by @duskyBlogF1)
      Traction - "Repulsion" (i.e. Not At-traction) (by @duskyBlogF1)
      Supervisor (n) - On front of super crash helmet (by @TomFoxTom)

      Wings - What RedBull claims to give you, but RedBullracing never will (to their competitors!)

      A bit odd - Rubbish e.g. Karun Chandhok: "The pit exit (Korean GP) is a bit odd"
      Chassis and Spare Chassis: Wife and Mistress e.g. "The chassis was looking a bit tired so I took the spare chassis out for a spin"
      I give up - as said by Fernando Alonso at penultimate lap of 2011 Korean GP means "Don't you f***ing dare leave me behind Felipe again" by @F1Zone
      Headwind (n): The breaking point of a relationship