Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ferrari Team-Order hearing

Ferrari team-order saga will finally be heard by the World Motor Sport Council on Wednesday 8th September after they were accused of orchestrating a win for Alonso, by a coded message to Massa asking him to move aside for his team-mate.

Having already been fined $100,000, there is speculation on what extra penalties they will incur. Some say that Ferrari might be docked their Constructor's Championship points while the drivers retain their points (similar to what happened after McLaren's Spy-gate affair), the drivers could lose their points from that race or Ferrari might get another hefty fine.

If the second option is selected, then this would promote Vettel to pole position (gain 10 points) and the other championship contenders i.e. Hamilton, Button and Webber would also gain several points. The main effect of this would be that:
(a) the gap between 1st and 5th driver in the standings increases from 41 to 72!
(b) Vettel's gap to Hamilton is reduced by 4 points, from 31 to 27
(c) Kubica and Rosberg leapfrog Massa in the standings.

However this is highly unlikely, but Vettel must be hoping for a change in his fortunes to put him back in contention for the Championship this year.

Roll on Wednesday 8th; Ferrari could really do without THIS impetus to perform well at their home-race at the Autodromo di Monza, Italy which is on the weekend after the hearing.